PHARAOH HOUNDS - text in English

Pharaoh Hound - a very lively Sighthound!

Worshipped by the Pharaohs (hence the name), where they were depicted on walls, sculptures and as hieroglyphics, this outward going, attention seeking, active and cheeky breed has its roots deep in the past.

On this page I have decided to show some of my Pharaohs as my husband and I live together with them.

We both enjoy looking at the amusing Pharaoh!

One of the most unusual photos you could wish to see, was taken a couple of winters ago after an exceptional snow storm that gave Denmark enormous problems and chaos altogheter - these enterprising Pharaohs have taken the opportunity to explore the roof by jumping up from the high snow drift that had formed in their back yard!

And just  below  the snow photo -a mature Pharaoh is plucking his own apples from a tree in the garden, whilst a small puppy races past, unable to understand the antics of its elder relations! This is typical for Pharaohs - they don't wait for anything to happen by itself - they make an active contribution to life around


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